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Hoisting loop Swivel - LSW-C

Hoisting loop Swivel - LSW-C

This swivel is used for hoisting sockets.

Technical information

LSW-C M/Rd Thread DxE (mm) Permissible load (kg) Axial/Radial BxG(mm) CxT(mm) AxW(mm) nailing flange - FNP
LSW-C- 10x18 1000/500 36x51 17x41 55x30 FNP10-M10
LSW-C- 12x18 1300/750 36x51 15x41 55x30 FNP10-M12-LR
LSW-C- 16x20 2000/1120 36x52 15x42 55x30 FNP10-M16-LR
LSW-C- 20x30 4000/2000 49x68 19x56 85x40 FNP10-M20-LR
LSW-C- 24x30 6000/3150 57x78 22x65 85x40 FNP10-M24-LR
LSW-C- 30x35 10800/8000 80x112 22x92 95x50 FNP10-M30-LR
LSW-C- 36x54 10800/8000 80x112 22x92 95x50 FNP10-M36-LR
LSW-C- 42x63 13000/10000 93x122 26x102 18x65 FNP10-M42-LR

(*) Ensure that the manual is read through before use!
Dimensions and safe working loads at concrete strength of 25 N/mm².

Hoisting loop Swivel - LSW-C
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Types and colors

Metalen ring met badge en testcertificaat / Metal ring with badge and test certificate / Anneau métallique avec badge et certificat d'essai / Anillo metálico con distintivo y certificado de prueba

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