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Backfill tubes

Our range of backfill or recess tubes are from our own production. These tubes create recesses in concrete. They can be used in pre-stressed concrete or as recess formers, which allow different concrete components to be bonded together or cables to be guided through a structure.

The ribbed inner surface of the backfill tubes ensures optimum adhesion of the concrete or injection mortar being poured. Our recess tubes are available in a variety of lengths and widths, and range from slightly pliable to flexible, allowing you to smoothly place them in the preferred direction.

Closing cap - DFT-C

Fill up flexible - DFT-F

Magnetic screw prop for ribbed tubing - SPB-MP DIA 37

Flexible tubes - DFT-S

Not flexible tubes - DFT-R

Screw clamp for ribbed tubing - SPB-SPV DIA 37

Wing bolt - VB KO10 x 200

Magnetic strips in PUR - DFT-FC/NC