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Lifting Socket with flat end - LSF

Lifting Socket with flat end - LSF

This lifting sleeve is used for lifting thin precast concrete walls or for when using concrete with low concrete strength. The anchor hole through which the additional reinforcement is placed ensures the correct load transfer in the concrete. The socket is calculated that the total anchor load of the precast concrete element can be transferred by means of the additional reinforcement placed through the hole and keeping good contact with the bottom of the hole. Hoisting is done axially or at a maximum angle of 45°. This anchor cannot be used in floor slabs or for shear loads.

Technical information

LSF Thread M/Rd Permissible load (kg) (*) Dimensions (mm) L x diam D g e
LSF-M12-060 12 500 60 x 15 10 22
LSF-M16-080 16 1200 80 x 21 13 27
LSF-M20-100 20 2000 100 x 27 15 43
LSF-M24-110 24 2500 110 x 31 17 46
Lifting Socket with flat end - LSF
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Types and colors

HDG Hot Deep Galvanised
ZP Zink Plated
SB Shot Blast
A4 Stainless Steel

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