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Cast In Lifting loop Polyprop - CIL-PP

Cast In Lifting loop Polyprop - CIL-PP

These pour-in loops are made of polypropylene wire can only be used 1-mail. After installation, the loop protruding from the concrete is ground off. This ensures that there is no rust formation afterwards. During casting the label must remain visible from the concrete, because it contains the weight class-lot number-manufacturer. The loop must always be attached to the reinforcement, because it is part of the total construction.

Technical information

CIL-PP Permissible load (kg) (*) Minimum reinforcement mesh mm²/m Length L of reinforcement mm Height H of reinforcement cm Dimensions (mm)h Loop diam
CIL-PP-0150 150 Q131 450 300 6 200
CIL-PP-0250 250 Q131 500 350 8 225
CIL-PP-0360 360 Q131 550 350 10 235
CIL-PP-0500 500 Q188 650 450 12 255
CIL-PP-0850 850 Q188 700 500 14 285

(*) Ensure that all load factors have been taken into account.
Safe working loads at concrete strength of >15 N/mm²
The specified steel wire diameter is only an indication and may vary depending on the loop construction.

Cast In Lifting loop Polyprop - CIL-PP
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Types and colors

Polyprop kabel met badge en aluminium klem / Polyprop cable with badge and aluminium clamp / Câble polyprop avec badge et collier en aluminium / Cable de polipropileno con placa y abrazadera de aluminio

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