Lifting rope GOLIATH - LGH

Lifting rope GOLIATH - LGH

The Goliath made of a steel cable pressed into a loop containing a forged lifting pin in metric or round wire. It serves to lift precast walls with a minimum concrete strength of 15 Mpa, into which the lifting sleeve was cast. There is an obligation to always match the thread of the sleeve to the thread of the lifting loop.

Technical information

LGH Thread M/Rd Permissible load (kg) (*) Dimensions (mm) Lengte L Loop diam e
LGH-M12 12 1300 311 9 21
LGH-M16 16 2500 346 10 21
LGH-M20 20 4000 411 14 26
LGH-M24 24 5000 436 16 31
LGH-M30 30 7500 491 18 38

(*) Ensure that the manual is read through before use!
Safe working loads at concrete strength of 25 N/mm².

Lifting rope GOLIATH - LGH
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Types and colors

Kabel is verzinkt met badge en testcertificaat / Cable is galvanised with badge and test certificate / Le câble est galvanisé avec un badge et un certificat de test / El cable está galvanizado con placa y certificado de prueba

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