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Sandwich anchor - HASW

Sandwich anchor - HASW

The head of the sandwich anchor is designed to be installed at an angle. This ensures that the panel hangs almost straight during hoisting and installation and the centre of gravity is in the ideal place.

Technical information

HASW Permissible load (kg) Axial (*) Length L Dimensions A Thickness
HASW-025-250 2500 250 40 10
HASW-050-300 5000 300 60 16
HASW-075-350 7500 350 80 16
HASW-100-500 10000 350 80 20

(*) Please ensure that all load factors have been taken into account.
Dimensions and safe working loads for concrete strength of 25 N/mm².
Additional reinforcement bars must be placed to transfer the load to the concrete.
The safety factor is 3 x permitted axial working load.
The suspension point is near the axis of the centre of gravity, allowing the element to be tilted and transported.

Sandwich anchor - HASW
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