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Fixing Insert with flat end - FIF

Fixing Insert with flat end - FIF

This fixing sleeve is used for temporary fixing with low load capacities. It may NOT be used for hoisting. An additional reinforcement rod is placed through the hole in the screw sleeve.

Technical information

FIF-ZP Thread M/Rd Permissible load (kg) (*) Dimensions (mm) L x diam D g e x f
FIF-M12-060-ZP 12 500 60x16 10.2 12x35
FIF-M16-080-ZP 16 800 80x22 12.2 16x25
FIF-M16-100-ZP 16 1000 100x22 12.2 16x30
FIF-M20-100-ZP 20 1250 100x27 14.2 20x40
FIF-M24-120-ZP 24 1700 120x32 14.2 24x50
FIF-M30-150-ZP 30 2600 150x42 17.2 30x70

(*) Ensure that all load factors have been taken into account.
Dimensions and safe working loads at concrete strength of 25 N/mm².
A reinforcement rod must be inserted through the cross hole to transfer the load to the concrete.

Fixing Insert with flat end - FIF
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Types and colors

ZP Zink Plated
A2 Stainless Steel

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