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Tightening Former - 6170-R

The recess made of black rubber is placed on a wooden formwork. This recess is used to hold spherical head anchors - with a single head - by means of a rubber 6151, during the pouring of the concrete. To remove the recess, a thread is provided to remove it from the anchor. Always provide sufficient oil/vaseline to remove the recess undamaged from the concrete.

Technical information

6170-R Type of anchor A-B-D
6170-R-013 1300 M08-09-60-33
6170-R-025 2500 M10-11-74-43
6170-R-050 5000 M10-11-94-54
Tightening Former - 6170-R
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Types and colors

Zwart Rubber / Black Rubber / Caoutchouc noir / Goma Negra

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