Karel de Ghelderelaan 2 E
8820 Torhout


Luithagen 12
Haven 200
2030 Antwerpen



+32 468/020.900


BE 0476 174 681


Lifting insert cylindrical (tube) LSC
Lifting insert cylindrical with Plastic cap LSC-B
Lifting insert flat end LSF
Lifting insert foot plate LSP
Crown anchor LSA
Wavy Tail anchor (short) LWS
Wavy Tail anchor (long) LWL
Lifting segment anchor LHD
Lifting segment anchor with plate LHDP
Connector TFS
Lifting loop LLP
Lifting loop - GOLIATH LGH
Lifting eye Swivel LSW-C
Lifting eye Swivel with cable LSW-CK
Cast-in lifting loop CIL
Cast-in lifting loop PP CIL-PP
Cast-in lifting bended loop CIBL
Wire rope clips CUB
Bended loop system LTL
Transport anchor system for LTL loop LTA

Lifting ring clutch (eye) HAL2
Lifting ring clutch (eye) with loop HAL1
Lifting strip flat anchor HAF
Lifting strip spread anchor HAS
Lifting strip erection anchor HAE
Lifting strip erection anchor HAE/1
Lifting strip erection anchor HAE-1,25
Lifting / erection spread anchor with plastic cap HAEP
Lifting strip sandwich anchor HASW
Lifting strip foot anchor HAV
Lifting strip plate anchor HAP

Lifting clutch (eye) 6102
Foot Anchor 6000
Eye Anchor 6001
Eye & foot Anchor 6002
Pipe Anchor 6070
Plate Anchor 6010
Rubber Recess former + fixing plate 6139 6140
Narrow Rubber Recess former + fixing plate 6138
Insert fixing plate with threaded rod / wing nut 6141
Insert fixing threaded plate 6142
Recces former round - steel 6150
Recces former round magnetic - polyurethane 6154M
Magnet Narrow recess former 6155M
Ring, rubber 6151
Recces former round articulated - steel 6129
Recces former narrow articulated - steel 6127
Tightening former round - rubber 6170
Tightening former round - polyurethane 6170-PUR
Tightening former round magnetic - polyurethane 6170M-PUR